January 8, 2011 Quarterly Tournament

We thank everybody who participated and helped make our tournament happen.  We had a total of 92 players today, including players from as far away as Rockford!

The tournament has been rated, however we have discovered that the event was not named correctly in the upload.  We will work to have this corrected, however, it does take manual USCF intervention for that to happen.  The name has now been corrected, and the one crosstable error found has been corrected by USCF and will appear on the next re-rate cycle.  The crosstable is here – please note that the rankings are NOT in prize or tiebreak order. Some photos are now available on Flickr at this link.

Original announcement follows.

Our First Quarterly Tournament of 2011 has us resuming our service to the scholastic community with a tournament for those from Kindegarten to 12th Grade. Registration will be via the BNASC website. More information (TLA, link to tournament flyer) below the cut.

Please note:  Registration via BNASC is now closed.  Only preregistered players (and substitutes made by a team coach for dropped players) will be allowed to play.  There is no on-site registration for new players not substituting for an existing player.  Also, please be aware that we intend to close check-in promptly at 9:30 AM.  Teams / individual players must be checked in at that time or risk being unpaired for the first round.  Play begins at 10:00 AM.  See you there!!!!!  :)

Our sincerest thanks to Heartland Community College for their assistance and support towards hosting the tournament!


2011 TCCC Winter Scholastic, January 8, 2011, Tournament Flyer

Sponsored by Twin City Chess Club

Heartland Community College, Astroth Community Education Center, 1500 West Raab Road, Normal, IL 61761. 4 Sections, USCF Rated: LP (K-1), UP (2-3), EL (4-5), JH/HS (6-12.) LP, UP, EL: 5SS, G/30, 1st-5th Trophy, 6th-10th Medals, 1st Team Trophy, Biggest Upset Trophy. JH/HS: 4SS, G/45., 1st-3rd Trophy, 4th-6th Medals, 1st Team Trophy, Biggest Upset Trophy. 1/2 pt bye any one rd, 1st rd must be declared before close of check-in; final rd must be elected before start of 4th rd. LP/UP/EL and before start of 3rd rd. JH/HS. EF $18.00, JTP Acceptable for LP, UP. Register via BNASC, limited to 150 players for entire tournament. Onsite check-in: 9:00-9:30 A.M., only substitute players may register onsite. LP/UP/EL, Rounds 10:00, ASAP, 1:00, Rest ASAP. JH/HS, Rounds 10:00, 12:15, Rest ASAP. Sets/Boards provided, bring clocks if available. See http://tccc.laughingvulcan.org/jan82011 for additional information.

* * *

For those who don’t grok “TLA Speak*”:

First, for questions call Darren Erickson, 309-262-5553, or leave a comment in this blog entry.

This is a scholastic tournament for players in 12th grade or younger. It will be held at Heartland Community College, on January 8th, 2011.

It is a USCF Rated Tournament. There are 4 Sections, one for Lower Primary (Kingergarten and 1st Grade,) Upper Primary (2nd and 3rd Grade,) Elementary (5th and 6th Grade,) and Junior High through High School (6th-12th Graders.)

For the Lower Primary, Upper Primary, and Elementary Sections: 5 Rounds will be played in Swiss System format. Each player will have 30 minutes to complete their game. In each section there will be trophies for 1st through 5th places, medals given for 6th through 10th places, a trophy for 1st Place Team, and a trophy for Biggest Upset (players must be rated to receive upset prize.)

For the Junior High and High School Section: 4 Rounds will be played in Swiss System format. Each player will have 45 minutes to complete their game. In this section there will be trophies for 1st through 3rd places, medals given for 4th through 6th places, a trophy for 1st Place Team, and a trophy for Biggest Upset (players must be rated to receive upset prize.)

A player may take a half-point bye for any one round of the tournament. If the bye is for the 1st Round, a bye request form must be completed before the onsite check-in is completed at 9:30. If it is for the final round, a bye request form must be completed before the start of the 3rd round for Junior High/High School or before the start of the 4th round for all other sections.

The entry fee for players is $18.00. If the player is Kindergarten-3rd grade and playing in that grade’s section, there is a $1.00 fee and additional form to fill out if the player does not already have a USCF ID, expired or not. Players who have USCF IDs do not need to pay this fee in K-3. If the player is playing in the Elementary or Junior High/High School sections, current and unexpired USCF Membership is required. Players not having a current and unexpired USCF Membership in these sections have an additional minimum $7.00 fee for this tournament.

Registration will be done via the BNASC wesbiste, at http://www.bnasc.org. Select “Tournament Registration” from the Main Menu. Registration will remain open until 5:30 PM on January 5, 2011, or until the registration limit of 120 players is met. NO exceptions will be made for players or teams who fail to meet the registration deadline. No players will be allowed to register onsite unless they are substituting for a dropped player from an already existing team.

We will be able to process USCF Memberships onsite.  Coaches:  Give your TDs a break and let us know ahead of time if you have players without USCF IDs in JTP or Expired USCF IDs in EL/JH sections!

On the day of the tournament, teams and players must be fully checked in by 9:30 AM. NO exceptions will be made, unchecked teams or players will not be paired for the first round. All substitution forms must be delivered to the registration table by 9:30.

Rounds in all sections will begin at 10:00 AM. Second round will start at 12:15 for Junior High/High School and as soon as possible after first round for the other sections. Third round will start as soon as possible after second round for Junior High, and at 1:00 PM for the other sections. All other rounds in a section will begin as soon as possible after the prior round completes.

Sets and boards will be provided and will be expected to be used. Players are advised to bring their own clock. If players do not have clocks, a clock will be placed on the board in the last twenty minutes of the game with 10 minutes per side (or when we have enough clocks to place on all remaining boards if there are more games running than we have clocks available.) If either player brings a clock to the board, the clock will be used from move 1.

The tournament areas are non-smoking. No computers will be allowed (MonRoi and eNotate devices are acceptable for scoring.) The site is accessible for disabled players – disabled players are advised to contact us so that we may be prepared for assistance.

See you there!

*TLA is short for Tournament Life Announcement, a short one-paragraph summary written for the United States Chess Federation or Illinois Chess Association. They use many abbreviations and conventions that veteran players and coaches should know. Everything written below that point is a plain language translation of what the TLA above says.  In the event of a conflict, the paragraph TLA takes precedence.

6 Responses to “January 8, 2011 Quarterly Tournament”

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  2. Kris Campbell says:

    Neither of the boys (Andrew and Ryan Spiniolas) on my team (Lions) have USCF IDs. The rating given for our other team member (Veronica Campbell) is preliminary, based on 4 games. FYI. Also, we’ve got a phone app that could score the games, would this be allowed? Thanks!

  3. Hi, Kris! Good talking to you on the phone this afternoon.

    We did see that as of this evening they did not yet have IDs. There will be registration forms in your team packet. The minimum option for those over third grade is a $7.00 tournament membership, which is valid only for the length of the tournament and must be purchased onsite (though it does generate a USCF ID for the players.) A one year membership (at the non-magazine rate) costs $24 for age 24 and under, $20 for age 15 and under, and $16 for age 12 and under. If they have already purchased memberships before Saturday morning, be sure that they have their USCF ID numbers.

    The only electronic scoresheets that are certified for rated play are eNotate (when *not* used on a smartphone,) and MonRoi. If you can tell me the application name and who publishes it, I’ll do some research to see if it might be permissible, but you should plan on it not being approved.

  4. Harrison He says:

    Dear Darren,

    You may have noticed the error, but I will report it anyway. In the JH/HS section, the #1 player should have been RAHUL SINHA (12988442). I recall that RISHAV SINHA (13766913) played in the UP section, not in both sections. So two names or IDs were mistakenly entered. In fact the error started in the registration roaster, where both players were associated with the same ID, which is probably what led to the problem. Hope they can be corrected easily.


    Harrison (under supervision of parents)

  5. Actually, I hadn’t caught that one yet. You are correct that if both players have the same ID number in the BNASC registration roster it will cause a cascading error which carries through to the upload, as the USCF assigns the player name based upon the ID that is entered. (It doesn’t matter what we put in our name field, USCF cares only about the USCF ID associated with it.) We’ll double-check the rest of the names against the tournament file, get that one corrected with USCF – that too takes manual USCF intervention to change, and then look at Rahul and Rishav’s BNASC setups.

    Thanks for the heads up!!!

  6. Thanks again for the notice, Harrison!

    The correction has been made at USCF. The event now shows Rahul as the JH player, and the ratings adjustments will appear the next time the USCF does a re-rating cycle (probably next Tuesday.)